Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finding Unnecessary Effective Date Processing in PS/Query

In PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA (Ch11, p309) I commented on how PS/Query will automatically add effective date criteria to and EFFDT column, even if it is not a key column. 

PS/Query does warn you that it has added the criteria, but it won't warn that the column is not a key column

If EFFDT is not part of the key, then it is unlikely that you will need this processing.  It is unlikely to change the result of the query, and it incurs additional work. 

Below is an example of the code added to a query by this one criteria. The effective date sub-query will be correlated by the key columns prior to the EFFDT column. If EFFDT is not part of the key, then all the key columns will be used for the correlation conditions. There is only one row for each EMPLID and EMPL_RCD, and the effective date sub-queries will find and return that row, and the result set will remain the same.
AND ( a.effdt = 
        (SELECT MAX(a_ed.EFFDT) FROM ps_employees a_ed
        WHERE a.emplid = a_ed.emplid 
          AND a.empl_rcd = a_ed.empl_rcd 
          AND a_ed.EFFDT <= SYSDATE) 
AND a.effseq = 
        (SELECT MAX(a_es.EFFSEQ) FROM ps_employees a_es
        WHERE a.emplid = a_es.emplid 
          AND a.empl_rcd = a_es.empl_rcd 
          AND a.effdt = a_es.EFFDT) )

But how prevalent is this problem?  Like most things in PeopleSoft, Queries are stored in the PeopleTools tables.  And it is possible to construct a query to identify queries with effective date criteria on EFFDT columns that are not part of the key on their record.
SELECT  c.oprid, c.qryname, r.recname, r.corrname, f.fieldname 
--,     useedit, bitand(d.useedit,1) 
FROM    psqrycriteria c /*query crieria*/
,       psqryrecord r   /*records in queries*/
,       psqryfield f    /*fields in a queries*/
,       psrecfielddb d  /*fields on records, with sub-records fully expanded*/
WHERE   c.condtype BETWEEN 20 AND 25 /*effdt criteria, so no need to specify column name*/
AND     c.lcrtfldnum = f.fldnum 
AND     r.oprid = c.oprid 
AND     r.qryname = c.qryname 
AND     r.selnum = c.selnum 
AND     f.oprid = c.oprid 
AND     f.qryname = c.qryname 
AND     f.selnum = c.selnum 
AND     f.oprid = r.oprid 
AND     f.qryname = r.qryname 
AND     f.selnum = r.selnum 
AND     f.recname = r.recname 
AND     d.recname = f.recname 
AND     d.fieldname = f.fieldname 
AND     BITAND(d.useedit,1) = 0 /*a non-key field*/ 

On my HR demo database the following delivered queries have effective date criteria on EFFDT columns that are no key columns.
OPRID    QRYNAME                        RECNAME         CORRN FIELDNAME
-------- ------------------------------ --------------- ----- ---------
         JPM_PERS_PROFILE               JPM_JP_CRITM_VW F     EFFDT
         JPM_PROFILE                    JPM_JP_CRITM_VW F     EFFDT
         NOT001                         FPAEEFLAT_TBL   A     EFFDT

Now, it is possible to review these queries and manually remove the effective date processing if that is appropriate.

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