Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Manually Booting Tuxedo Application Server Processes in Parallel

Normally when an Application Server is booted, initialisation of each process completes before the next one is started. The ability to boot Application Server processes in parallel was added to the psadmin utility in PeopleTools 8.48. However, psadmin is merely a wrapper for the BEA Tuxedo tmadmin command line utility, and it has always been possible to do this manually in previous versions of PeopleTools via the tmadmin utility as follows.

1. Boot the Tuxedo Bulletin Board Liaison process.

#boot the Tuxedo administrative processes
boot -A

2. Boot the PeopleSoft Application Server processes and but specify the -w parameter so that they don't wait as they start

boot -g APPSRV -w

If you are running PUBSUB or other servers in other groups then you would also boot them here.

3. Boot the JREPSRV process (which maps Java Classes to Tuxedo Services).

boot -g JREPGRP

4. List the servers with print server so you know that the PeopleSoft servers are booted.


5. When all the other processes have booted, boot the WSL and JSL processes.

boot -g BASE
boot -g JSLGRP

Wednesday, May 13, 2009