Wednesday, May 13, 2009

UKOUG PeopleSoft Conference 2009 Presentations

The 2009 conference is past, but the agenda is still available on the UKOUG webiste, and if you are a UKOUG member or attended the conference, you can download the presentations.

I will be gave two new presentations that are on my website.


Ciphersbak said...

Hi David,

I'd a question around Performance Monitor. I've multiple env's with various Tools releases ranging from 8.46 to 8.48.
Can I use a Tools only DB which is on 8.49 for Performance Monitoring?
Will a change in the Tools version have any bearing on the metrics being collected.

Thank You!!

David Kurtz said...

The monitoring and monitored systems do not have to be the same version of PeopleTools (nor even the same database platform). As far as I know, the same metrics are collected in all Tools versions.

Putting the monitoring system on PT8.49, even though the monitored databases are at a lower Tools version is probably a good idea.

Ciphersbak said...

Thanks David!!!

Ciphersbak said...

Hi David,

I've a question around migrating the config changes for the monitoring environment.

The current situation is that I've setup PPM on a Tools only DB for monitoring one of our Non-Prod SDLC environments. We're also happy with the way things are currently.
My question is around, how do we migrate the config changes done in the Monitoring Env (Tools Only DB for Dev) to the Monitoring env for Production.

I hope my question makes sense!

Thank You!

David Kurtz said...

I am sorry, but you will have to do this manually. When it comes to it, there really isn't that much.

* On the monitored system, you need to set the monitoring URL and a role to permit access to performance trace.

* On the monitoring system, you need to set the system settings, and the web profile.

* The integration gateway needs to be correct on both.

If you have added any indexes to improve the performance of the analytic components or made code changes to the archive process, they can be migrated with App Designer.