Monday, August 04, 2008

Serious fault with PeopleSoft Performance Monitor fixed in PeopleTools 8.49.14

Regular readers of my ramblings will know that I spend a lot of my time working with the PeopleSoft Performance Monitor (PPM). It is an extremely valuable source of performance metrics that are mostly not available, or if they are just difficult to obtain and process.

In PeopleTools 8.49, PPM has a serious fault. It is very similar to scenario reported for PeopleTools 8.44 in GSC Solution 200769188: PerfMon: Too many httpd processes spawned/sockets opened when using PerfMon.

"When a 404 is returned from the monitor server the calling agent code only checks the HTTP return code but does not flush the input stream. This causes the connection to remain open until the GC finally closes the input steam which closes the open connection. This is easily detected by the increasing list of sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state [, as reported by netstat]. On NT there is no hard limit on file descriptors and therefore a crash is not noticed. On Unix platforms this can cause the process to run out of file descriptors before the JVM GC has a chance to run and free up the sockets."

Hence, when running the application server on Unix, you will reach a point where JSH processes cannot open new ports and PIA users can receive the 'Application Server is Down' message. So, this can cause the system to become unavailable until the application server is rebooted. To prevent this occurring, the PPM must be deconfigured. The Monitor URL should be set to 'NONE'.

According to PeopleSoft Global Support this problem will be resolved in PeopleTools 8.49 patch 14.

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