UKOUG Techfest19 Conference, Brighton, UK, 1-4 December 2019

I will be speaking at the UKOUG Techfest19 conference in Brighton, UK. It runs from Sunday 1st - Wednesday 4th December.

UKOUG Techfest19 - I am on the line-up
Practical Application Performance Tuning: Applying Theory in Practice
(Monday 2nd December, 12-1pm)
Learning about and understanding the principles and mechanics of the Oracle database is fundamentally important for both DBAs and developers.  It is one of the reasons we still physical conferences.

This session tells the story of a performance tuning project for the GL reporting on a Financials system on an engineered system. It required various techniques and features to be brought to bear.  Having a theoretical understanding of how the database and various features work allowed us to make reasonable predictions about whether they would be effective in our environment.  Some ideas were discounted, some were taken forward.

We will look at instrumentation, ASH, statistics collection, partitioning, hybrid columnar compression, Bloom filtering, SQL profiles. All of them played a part in the solution, some added further complications that had to be worked around, some had to be carefully integrated with the application, and some required some reconfiguration of the application into order to work properly.

Ultimately, performance improvement is an experimental science, and it requires a similar rigorous thought process.

UKOUG Techfest19 - I am on the line-up
Oracle 19c New Features: Real-Time Statistics and High-Frequency Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection 
(Tuesday 3rd December 3.45- 4.30pm)
A look at the pros and cons of these new 19c features.  They are only available on Engineered Systems, which says something about current attitudes in Oracle.
Both features aim to address the challenge of using data that has been significantly updated before the statistics maintenance window has run again.

  • Real-Time Statistics uses table monitoring to augment existing statistics with simple corrections.
  • High-Frequency Automatic Optimizer Statistics is an extra statistics maintenance window that runs regularly to update the stalest statistics.
As your statistics change, so there are opportunities for SQL execution plans, and therefore application performance to change. DBAs and developers need to be aware of the implications.